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Thursday, 31 May 2012

June 2012

* [6/1/12] -- Started an Etsy shop; painted lots of A4 paper. Have not gotten a new letter since May 10 or so. Added more links, info, etc to blog.
-- Still working at Emterra. So far, so good; July 16th will be my first anniversary there.
-- Have been living with Cherish since Mar. 1. (Apr., May, Jun. -- 3mo.) We're doing okay, aside from the fact that I resent doing 90% of the shopping, & she resents doing 99% of the housecleaning.
-- Found about 4 more people I'd like to write to.


-- 12hrs later, Inksniffer Stationery dies, due to implausible start-up costs. Business cards are ordered instead, pending winning the lottery, or some shit...